CAN aims to help families in rural NSW work their way through the maze that is ASD. We also have regular dialogue and meetings with those working in and around the autism policy environment.

Autism is a lifelong disability. There is no cure and no known cause. Autism is indiscriminate in who it affects – there is no link to social economic or geographical distinctions.

It is estimated that 1 in 100 children have ASD, and that number is considerably higher in boys, 1 in 86, with the number consistently increasing.

However, the Autism Spectrum Disorder is just that – a spectrum. With the right intensity of early intervention, a child can move through the spectrum, with a small percentage of children losing their diagnosis after they fail to meet the criteria any longer.

CAN will assist family’s find the therapies that will work for their family, gain a better understanding of how much therapy they should be getting, and how much it should cost.




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