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New ways to show your support

If you are wanting to support the Country Autism Network but the City to Surf really isn’t your thing then there are now two new ways to do this. The Country Autism Network is now selling essential oils from doTerra as well as selling the Entertainment Book.

As autism mums know, we all try to to do the best for our kids. That usually means using as many natural products as possible.

If you’re like Hollie, you also respond to lovely smells (& bad ones!).

Hollie has set up this store to help you access some gorgeous smells that are good for you and your family, that will help clear the air, literally, as well provide a lovely smelling house.

Whilst there are some claims of using oils with autism, that is not why we are here. There might be some positive impacts, but Hollie still strongly believes in the benefits of best practice therapy. To have a look at the online story and purchase your oils in support of Country Autism Network, please visit the website here: 

You can also purchase the Entertainment Book which is a win win for all involved. You get great discounts off everything from restaurants to holidays while still showing your support for the Country Autism Network.

Either way, whichever one you decide to purchase, know that you are making a difference to the lives of families living with Autism in the country.

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