Starting your journey post an autism diagnosis can be daunting. Grief, exhaustion and confusion can reign with very little guidance about where to now?

When I started my journey in 2012 I would have given anything for this kind of help – no rubbish, no agenda but lots of information of some good places to start. I spent month’s just researching and calling people trying to work out what to do and met a few charlatans on the way – people more interested in my funding than helping my son or my family.

I will put some of my favourite links here – these are not advertisers, just businesses, people and services we know are good!

Please feel free to email through your own – we look at lots of places but we could never find them all. So share with us providers you love, so we can pay it forward to the families coming behind.

Useful Links

The NDIS is here and CAN has conducted information sessions on how to best prepare for your plan. If you want to host an event in your area please reach out to us. The best advice we can give is prepare properly and remember what’s ‘reasonable and necessary’ and how will you, your child and your family reach their goals – social, independent living and economic.

For visual resources – Inekards. Created by an autism mum, Inekards will help with all your flashcard and visual schedule needs.

The Raising Children website is a great place to start, but I am going to send straight to their Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) link. At CAN we are all about best practice and there isn’t nothing like ABA to help your child reach their potential.

We are an ex-Lizard family so I’ll admit a little bias, but it’s a fabulous centre where we did an Outreach program.

Michelle Furminger who runs Leaps Ahead Early Intervention is a superstar BCBA who comes to you! Based in Tasmania, Michelle works with clients all over the country, developing and managing programs plus training your junior therapists.

The Learning Clinic is another amazing ABA clinic in Sydney. TLC have also been fantastic supporters of CAN through their parents fundraising for our country kids.

This is your bible – there is a second edition available now and will help you along the journey. Written by autism mummas you should follow them on Twitter, especially Benison O’Reilly and stay super up to date.